We are Global GAP and GRASP certified!

Global GAP

Quality is paramount at MKH Design. It is therefore only logical that we are Global GAP certified. Global GAP has been set up as a quality system to guarantee the food safety aspects of plants and flowers in supermarkets, among other things. Of course you can expect from MKH Design that we conform to the requirements of Global GAP.

Global GRASP

GRASP (Global GAP Risk Assessment on Social Practice) is a supplement to the current Global GAP certificate. The GRASP module assesses whether you meet a number of requirements in areas such as personnel and payroll administration, pensions and outsourcing of work. The complete production process of MKH Design is provided with both the Global GAP certificate and the GRASP certificate.

You can find us as a certified company under license number: Cer-03857-2019


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